Clark Castillo

Drink and Smoke to Salvation

Zippo in your hands, “Backwoods” in your mouth.
Nothing says home like these cheap cigars
Breath in the smoke, just let it float
And take another swig of PBR

The Mind wanders, but not so far away
‘Cuz there’s a thousand places to go
mind grumbles, stomach rumbles
And where my heart is I don’t know

Sit on the front porch, quarter mile to the road
Out hear your scream ain’t worth a piss
Some know pain, some not sane
Blame myself for signs I missed

Can’t see it, quarter mile to the house
Of a that man I knew who quit
Painkillers went dry, bullet thru the eye
Damn shame, life turned to shit

Advil, Codeine, Mary Jane, Viloxazine
None of it seemed to stem the pain
Quit Cold turkey, wait till 11:30
And it’s a bullet in the brain

Spit out the leaves, dry in your mouth
Open a longneck to wash it down
Cat stares at me, I piss on a tree
I puff the cigar so it don’t drown

Lost two friends, it’s been four months
Since another I knew went away
Go out with a knife and take a life
And sure enough you’ll have to pay

There’s six empty Pabst, I go inside the house
Let the cigar sit out on the porch
I Grab a new pack, make my way back
And wonder about natures strange force

My Neighbor he tried, and he shot himself
But he’s in Lovington in Rehab today
.22-Short thru the eye, yet he didn’t die
For his health I know I pray

Drag on the smoke, keep the flame lit
Crack open Killian’s Red
Quick prayer for health, Drink down my wealth
Thank God Neighbors not dead

Another inhale, I burn my tongue
And realize the beers talking
Me and Jesus don’t talk, Then again why not
Life move on and ain’t stopping.

A final puff of cigar, crush it under my boot
And consider the irony
Death and Suicide, staying my mind
Has somehow brought faith back to me.