Roy Buck
Functional Decomposition, Youth Memoir
Raised in Wisconsin (Green and Gold) and moved to Missoula, MT for his BA in creative writing. Years later, he moved to the UP, off Lake Superior, and received his masters from NMU. Currently, he’s in the MFA program at MNSU in Mankato, MN. People say that if he were a mode of transportation he’d be an ostrich with a leather saddle.

Clark “Sasquatch” Castillo
Drink and Smoke to Salvation
Sasquatch Castillo is from the mountains of Southwest Virginia, and has learned more from the animals and people of the mountains than at 4 year  school. If you’re ever lost in the woods in the Blue Ridge, keep an eye open.

Lorelei French
Les Promeses, Poetry On a wall in Paris, Leaving, Where Sky Meets Earth, Transparency, The Edge of the Sidewalk. L’arbre jaune
A senior at The College of William and Mary, double majoring in French and Psychology. Lives in the suburbs of New York when not at school. Photography has historically been, and continues to be, a passionate creative pursuit.

Matthew Garner
Midnight In A Diner
A sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in English, an avid film goer and reviewer, who enjoys going to the movies and reading novels as well.

Thomas Lange
Denial was originally intended to be included in a three-part work titled “Denial, Belief, and Fate.” Thomas has yet to complete the other parts entirely and is currently debating whether to do so or to collect it into something different.

Joy Ling
Cities to Go, What Am I
A sophomore from China, Joy Ling is currently living in Toronto. She dabbles in photography and writing in her free time, but other than that, lives a fairly average life. She owns a fish called ‘Kvothe’, which many people have difficulty pronouncing. She hopes to own a cat one day. Maybe write a book too.

Joshua Luebke
Nothing Gold Can Stay, Fireworks II
Joshua Luebke is 23 years old and is a Studio Art major at UMW. His focuses are in Painting and Photography. Outside of school and art, Joshua likes to read, collect vinyl and comic, skateboard, and homebrew.

Josh Mallow
Everlasting Love, United Through Exposure

Mandem (Moco and Maize Steinman-Arendsee)
Herr Drosselmeyer’s Doll, Inspector Hook
MANDEM is a symbiotic pair of artists working together to create a style described as Mythpunk Art Noir. Their work generally deals with transmutation and evolution — capturing the metamorphic moments of life where everything changes, and telling the stories of multivalent, multi-textured, variegated things.

Glenn E. Milich
Neon Brings Out the Pretty In Her

Raina Rue
A 22 year-old journalism student from the Eastern Kentucky region of Appalachia who has a strong appreciation for Edgar Allen Poe, documentaries, cinnamon whisky and any song with a good banjo part.

Valerie Schlang
Back Home, Big Day
Born and raised in Fredericksburg, VA.  Currently residing in Charleston, SC with husband and a cat.  Has been a photographer for over 15 years, professionally and just as a hobby.

Bill Schwan
Initial Impressions
“Sum quid sum, that being a tradesman who scratches a mental itch by writing the thought out of my head. I feel there is such a thing as objective truth and that words mean things, and that those things generally resemble what the dictionary says about them. Deconstruction of literature, history, or any of the other anchor points of civilization is a disservice to humanity, postmodern world. So THERE!”

Taylor Williams
At Sea, Muscle Memory
Taylor Williams graduated from the University of Mary Washington, where he majored in Theatre and English: Creative Writing. He spent twenty minutes trying to come up with something clever for the second sentence of his bio. He didn’t get far.

Cara Wood
Bittersweet Coke
“I am a sophomore at UMW and a history major. I’m the eldest of 8 kids. I’ve been writing ever since I knew how. I love music – couldn’t live without it and really can’t write my own own bio… I have nothing to say about myself, though if you wanted, I could tell you the story of my life.”