Glenn Milich

Neon Brings Out the Pretty in Her

Heir apparent to the dance floor,
Tonight we’ll crown her
in strobing lights; she’s almost attractive,
the girl of your not-quite dreams.

To the pulsing, frenzied crowd
– ruled by notes of instinct and sex –
she’s center of the music.
A trance of movement, the way she
dances in and out of light,
awakening in you the compulsion to possess
the girl of your not-quite dreams.

She’s dancing closer, eyes closed,
the hem of her dress clinging to your thigh.
Hands in your hair, she pulls you in, an
embrace of heat and promise,
in the girl of your not-quite dreams.

Confetti falls from above, a shower
of silver and gold pieces clinging to the sweat in her hair.
This tawdry, strobe-lit crown she’ll wear into the street
and then to your bed.
This girl of your tonight’s dreams.