Inopinata is a student run literary journal at the University of Mary Washington that focuses on odd occurrences in every-day life; interactions between people, objects, places, and/or things that are, for whatever reason, outside the pale of “normal” experience.

We aim to express the things that are hard to articulate; that look that you share with someone on the subway, that odd tingling sensation that travels down your neck when you think you’re being watched, the way it feels to come home to a surprisingly quiet house, or to listen to a voice you haven’t heard in years. Within these virtual pages you’ll find the feelings, actions, and people that at times seem to come out of nowhere and stick with you, breaking through the commonplace experience of the everyday.

We accept previously unpublished literary fiction, nonfiction, visual art, and poetry. We are not looking to accept works of pure science fiction or fantasy (i.e. works that are set in completely fictional worlds), but will accept “blue moon” stories under the right circumstances. We cannot accept fan-fiction.

We mean to push the boundaries. We mean to find and publish original works that break outside the mold of the ordinary, yet which still resonate with people on many different levels.

Inspect the unexpected.

About the title: “Inopinata” is the feminine form of the Italian/ Latin word “inopinato,” meaning unexpected or unforeseen.